"A: What is your birthstone?
B: Of you were a plant, what plant would you be?
C: What relaxes you?
D: What’s typically the first thing you notice about people?
E: Do you believe there’s such a thing as right and wrong?
F: What’s the last book you read?
G: What’s your favorite thing about your personality?
H: Do you believe in soulmates?
I: is your best friend male or female?
J: Can you hula hoop?
K: Did you sleep with a stuffed animal as a child? What animal?
L: Have you ever watched a lunar eclipse?
M: Do you think rats are cute?
N: How young is too young to be in love, in your opinion?
O: Have you ever failed a class?
P: What was your last Google search?
R: Do you like the smell of cigarettes?
S: Do you believe in the existence of souls?
T: How do you take your coffee?
U: What song do you relate to the most?
V: Has anyone ever given you a rose?
W: Do you own a quilt?
X: What is your least favorite word?
Y: Why did you get on Tumblr for the first time?
Z: Where did you go for your first date?"
- Fun, Unique Questions (via skeleton-by-numbers)

Where the fuck is the “Q” you discriminatory bastards?

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Q Q haters text