hi there everyone!!! my names sander and im in kind of a Situation here…. my [emotionally abusive and manipulative] mom and i’s already rocky relationship recently escalated to the point where she hit me, multiple times and encouraged me to commit suicide (while knowing i am suicidal), and while i have always felt unsafe in my home (she is very bigoted, and with me being nonbinary and queer, you can imagine how scary that is), she very rarely gets violent, and i can usually shrug it off, but after this, things havent been the same and i am unable to deny that i am in serious danger.

because of this, im trying desperately to make money to save up and move out of my house. i have a part time job at forever21 (im going to try and get more hours) but its not enough. she is refusing to pay for my psychologist (i am depressed, just diagnosed a few weeks ago) because she “doesnt believe in it”, and she refused to let me switch to a new school, despite me facing sexual assault twice at my current school, and victim-blamed me when i told her about it, saying it was my fault that those men did that to me. not cool lmao

so im not asking for donations since i cant ask ppl for money until i know for SURE what my plan is and can tell people where their money would be going, but for now, im going to just ask you guys to check out my storenvy, where im trying to sell new/very gently used clothes SUPER CHEAP (nothing is over $15)!! if you purchase something, make sure to send me a message so that i can promo you and follow you!! 

also, ill be doing commissions for custom chokers and bracelets!!!! chokers will be $4 and bracelets will be $2, and they can have text or not, and i can use whatever colors/beads you want!!! just tell me the number of the beads you want me to use, what colors, and what you want it to say (if anything), and ill make it for you!! if u dont feel like messaging me here on tumblr, then please email me at (if you do, include your tumblr url so that i can promo and follow you)!! shipping will be cheap since i can just send these in envelopes so please give this stuff a look for reblog this post ;; thank you!!!

aand lastly, im going to be selling nude photosets!! im not going to go into detail right here for obvious nsfw reasons, so please head over to my nsfw blog for more info! thank you!!

i have put up a donation button on my blog with a link to a page explaining why it’s there and explaining things in a bit more detail, but by no means feel like you have to donate or anything!!! thank you everyone!! <333333333 also feel free to ask me any questions if you have em!! thank u i luv u all!!!

Alright. I just bought three things from the store cause they were actually my size. Thanks porcelain-infinity for reblogging this so that I could see it.
 Good luck to you Sander and I hope you get to a safe place as fast as you can.

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A How-To Guide on How to Get The SLEEPY HOLLOW Comics

Can’t get enough Sleepy Hollow, Sleepyheads! We know how you feel. Season 2 can’t come quick enough!

If you want to make sure you get the SLEEPY HOLLOW comics, written by Marguerite Bennett, art by Jorge Coelho and featuring shorts by Noelle Stevenson, when it comes out October, just follow this handy guide:

  1. Print out the pre-order form above.

    a comic lets your local comic shop know you WANT, I mean, NEED, this comic and that they should make sure their shop carries enough SLEEPY HOLLOW comics.

  2. Find a local comic shop in your area.

    Drop by the shop, locate a member of the staff and present them with your SLEEPY HOLLOW pre-order form! Providing them the form by September 22 (the day Season 2 premieres) guarantees a copy for you (or many copies for you and your friends)!

  3. Welcome to the world of comics!

  4. Or you can pre-order and subscribe directly from the BOOM! Webstore here!

  5. If you’re a digital reader, there’s no pre-ordering necessary! Head to comiXology the day Sleepy Hollow #1 comes out (October 15) and purchase directly to your tablet! You can subscribe to the series and ensure you don’t miss an issue!

Season 2 of Sleepy Hollow premieres on FOX September 22nd! Watch Sleepy Hollow, read comics (October 15), don’t lose your heads! Easy, right?

Headed to my local comic shop for this later!

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samba en pointe?? woah

Once again I am graced with this woman’s perfect body. Originally, this was my goal. Now I just have ass goals.

so intense! i wish i was her.

I keep trying to tell y’all that black people do everything better… Most folk can’t even pull samba off flat-footed… because of the syncopation of the hips and feet and arms… SHE IS DOING IT EN POINTE!…

Sometimes I can’t even WALK flat-footed without falling over. This woman is amazing.

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samba en pointe talent