Ok, so I’m from Minnesota, as many of you know. Recently, the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) has had the idea proposed to allow their athletes play for the sports team of their gender identity, not of their sex assigned at birth.

Of course, however, there are people who oppose this….

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locker room cissexism transphobia

Sometimes it’s really easy to shrug it off and other times, things have pinched more. I think most of us are like that, right? Someone lobs a snide remark your way, and sometimes you can laugh about it, while other times you can actually feel the sting. I’m actively working hard on learning to appreciate yourself no matter what. If what someone else says can easily derail you, it means your sense of self isn’t that firmly established in the first place. It’s an inside job. You’re beautiful and worthy and totally unique. People insult each other based on their own insecurities - even though it may feel personal, it really never is. Really. Seriously

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Emma Stone babes


there’s always a white boy in every class that just talks and talks and talks like timothy stop just write it down!! make a mental note!!! wait till after class and tell ya friends on reddit!!

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